My name is Louren, I have a bachelor’s degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management. I also have a 1-year diploma in Human Resources Management. Plus, a certificate in TESOL Teaching English as a Second Official Language and TEFL Teaching English as a Foreign Language, both are 120 hours each. Upon graduating from University, I decided to take up JD Juris Doctor in Law. However, I’m just in my 1st year.


I’ve been working for 7 years now. Four years were spent in the Hospitality and Training and Development Industry. While 3 years was dedicated to teaching English both in a classroom and online setting. Currently, I’m working as a Freelance Training Specialist while teaching English in the evening and studying on the weekends.

Most recently, I worked with a Chinese company and taught Chinese young and adult learners. I specialized in basic English, Conversational, travel, business English, English for kids, exam preparations, web news lessons, and free talks. I also have experience teaching in a classroom setting.


My teaching style includes blended and student-centered learning. My approach to teaching usually involves the student’s personality and interests. I incorporate fun and educational activities that would keep the student active in class while enjoying it. I usually use props, games, songs, and a good reward system, especially for young learners. I usually adjust my teaching speed base on the needs of my students. Overall, I love teaching and meeting different types of people who are motivated to achieve English fluency.


I’m fond of reading books. I also love cooking, traveling, and I enjoy outdoor activities. I usually go on hiking, caving, and do swimming trips as long as I can be out in nature. I also play online games when I’m not too busy.

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