Information (Jerahmel Anne Vicente)

Hi! I’m Jerah, your educator at service!

Teaching has been something I love to do since I was a kid. Whenever my friends and I play, I always volunteer as a teacher. It is something that runs in my blood. That is why although I took up Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, I still pursued some teaching units so I can teach at school. By God’s grace, I am now one.

I am actually a Licensed Professional Teacher and a Civil Service Passer.

English is, for me, the most important language for it connects everyone in any place. With the modernization and globalization we experience, it is a must to learn it. It is the reason why I chose to teach it and eventually love it.

I’ve handled Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese students for my 5 years of teaching. I’ve experienced dealing with those said students online, man-to-man and even a classroom setup. I would say that the experiences are all equally exciting and fun. I was able to adjust to each kind and their needs.

I can also prepare creative materials suitable for each kind of learner. I also make sure that the class is interesting with fun learning.

I love watching Korean Dramas and American series. Singing is also one thing I do when I’m bored.

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