Hello my name is teacher Mimi I’ve been teaching English as a second language for about 6 years. I’am a professional English teacher with a QA score of 3.85 as one of the top performers of our company. I’m very confident that I can help you with your oral English or even with your examinations.

My hobbies and interest are singing, playing badminton and reading books, but one thing I like about teaching is knowing one’s culture and learn to embrace it.

Learning English is really fun. There are a lot of things I can help you with. First, is to improve your communication skills by helping you with accents, intonations,sentence structure, pronunciation and even confidence every time you speak. I also make sure that every after class you are able to understand completely and comprehend the lessons.

Also I want to make the student learning is coherent and apparent. Quality teaching is my main goal. Again this is teacher Mimi and I hope I’ll see you in my class.

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