Information ( Emy Joy L. Suarez )
Hello, my name is Emy. I am a graduate in Finance Management at the University of Mindanao Tagum College last April. Although I am trained in Business Administration, I am more interested in English and English teaching. So, I have worked on improving my English skills and have taken different kinds of English training in school. I am enthusiastic about becoming an English teacher because I know the difficulties of learning a foreign language and have overcome them, and now I am eager to help others.

Teaching Experience (3 years)
Just recently I work as a volunteer teacher in our province for a charity program to provide free education for the less fortunate people. And also, I do have part time before as an online teacher and have the opportunity to taught to students from different countries with different culture, backgrounds and different level from beginning to advance levels.

I am a friendly and outgoing person. I like being around with people and can easily find a good topic to strike up a conversation. One of my best interest is reading books, articles and news it helps me a lot to improve my learnings and I so much love to share this to others.

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