Hi there! Welcome to Speaking Easily. My name is Lanie. I got a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration major in Marketing at one of the universities in Iloilo, Philippines. Being the youngest daughter in the family, I became a high-spirited person who loves to be with people of all ages. However, I could be a homebody sometimes and enjoy my moment of solitude. The family-oriented environment has shaped me to become someone who takes care of others and a person who really listens. I’m jolly and optimistic.

Work Experience 

I used to work at the bank and used to be a financial adviser. However, teaching has always been my passion. I’ve been teaching English for 3 years to Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese, who were college students and working adults. Also, I’ve handled group classes and workshops with kids and teenagers. This experience has helped me acquire insight about the challenges students face, and become more flexible to various background, levels, ages, and nationalities. Sharing what I know to those who have eagerness to learn English is what I love to do.


Volunteering in my local community is what I’ve enjoyed doing for the past 12 years. Helping people who can’t read and write, assisting the deaf to learn sign language and other ministerial and humanitarian activities are some of the things I do regularly with my family and friends. Also, I’m an avid reader of heart-warming books and magazines. I like to do some personal research about ancient history as well as science-related topics. And every time I feel inspired, drawing pencil or watercolor paintbrush is on my right hand.






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