Hello! How are you? ?
My name is April Alob, but you can call me Apple.
I am a 26 years old, currently living in Negros area of the Philippine island.
I am a graduate of BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION major in GENERAL EDUCATION. I’ve been working as a Restaurant Manager for a fast food restaurant for almost a year and been a service crew as well for almost 4 years.
I want to pursue my teaching that’s why I decided to resigned from being a manager. I apply as English Teacher for Japanese and Korean students, been working as English Teacher for more than 3 years now.
My students also studied IELTS AND TOEIC, so I have knowledge and experience teaching in that course as well.
You can find me honest, enthusiastic and energetic person. I will do my very best to do my responsibilities and obligations as English Teacher.
Thank you!

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