Hello there! I’m Gerly. I am a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering graduating student in a state university here in Davao, Philippines. Being raised in a family who has a strong core value of learning, I am an optimistic woman ready to face the unknown journey with full of hopes, and walking in shadows is never an option. Learning is always twofold. It involves self-realization as well as impacting sphere of influence. That’s why for me teaching is more than pouring knowledge to others. It is more about connecting with each other. I am so interested to learn different cultures. Being fond of helping others to boost their confidence and also helping to express oneself. So consider me a friend ready to reach and help you out whenever I could.

I’d been teaching English to both Chinese kids and adults. I am also a teacher in an Outreach Program here in our town. I, most likely, am having fun while learning new stuffs every Saturday with kids. It takes to be intentional to effectively learn because being intentional is powerful.

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