Teacher Au Information (Aurea Lou Avila-Miguel)

Greetings to all! I’m Aurea Lou Avila – Miguel, a Filipino who loves to teach English especially for those students that are willing to learn. I have studied Pre-Dentistry for 2 years and I’m currently a third year college in the field of Medical Laboratory Science. It was my elder sister who pushed me to be an ESL tutor like her for me to get an extra income while studying, that was the time where I found that teaching is really fun and you know that its your chance to meet new students from other countries (Korea, China & Vietnam) and to build up friendships with them. It was also an encouragement when your students are learning something from you and you are being an effective tutor to them.

Teaching Experience

I’ve started my ESL journey in the year 2015. It was so challenging at first and it also helped me a lot to boost my confidence until I’ve also started to explore and to improve more. In the year 2016, I finally got my certificate after I finished my training for EP modules (Exam Preparation modules) for IELTS & TOEFL exams and passed the other assessments then after that, I’ve started to train Chinese students who are going to take IELTS & TOEFL exams for them to go to other countries (specifically, western countries) it was so amazing and my heart is full. “Teaching is not only teaching others to learn but it is also a key for others’ success.” It’ll be my honor & joy to give service for Vietnamese students.


I love music, I can’t even live a day without listening to it. I am also a performer and I have raised in a musically inclined family. I also love photography and videography, I have my youtube channel where I post my vlogs and lastly, I am so obsessed with make up products! One of my dreams is to become a make up artist someday.

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