Hi! I’m Sophia. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English in one of the top schools in the Philippines, Tarlac State University. Having parents who strongly believe that education is the only earthly inheritance they could give, at a very young age, it was already inculcated in my mind and in my heart how important and powerful education is. As I personally believe, too, that the best university is the home, learning new things which are out of the four corners of the house is equally significant, too. Growing up, little by little, I realize that I want to contribute to the molding of the youth. I want to be an agent of change of the next generation. Teaching for me, is really a passion. It requires more of touching the heart and transforming the life of a learner than merely teaching the mind. I’ve already taught English to Korean students before. Right now, I am teaching English to my fellow Filipinos who are on the 7th and 8th Grade. To me, learning English should never be a burden. The language is already hard. Let’s make the learning of the language more fun! It takes enjoyment while studying to fully succeed in learning.

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