Hi! I am Roselyn Maneja. Having taught English to 8 different nationalites helped me to attain who I am today. With great enthuasiast in teaching, I’ve been working both online and offline English teacher for 3 years now. Im a Licenced English teacher from Philippines. I have earned my Bachelors degree of Secondary Education focusing in ENGLISH LANGUAGE and LITERATURE in one of the well- known and best Universities here in Philippines.

Basically , I learned English from the deepest of it’s structures down to the smallest unit of the word- they were all part of my studies. I also have attended many trainings to teach English to non-native speakers which enrich my in-depth knowledge of teaching and interacting to students to make it easy for them to learn. Therefore, I can say, I am well-adept with all the techniques to teach my students to acquire the language and be a good speaker of English.

I recently completed a TESOL training as well and I am a holder of a TESOL certificate. I had an experience teaching EILTS and TOEIC for a year in my previous academy. I basically teach conversational English / Speaking, Vocabulary, Grammar, Writing, Listening, Reading, Business English, Idioms and Fixed Phrases. The students I have taught were Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Arabian, Brazilian and Russian. I love interacting with people all over the world, the reason why I am now in this job! And with my experience, I am sure that I can help you attaining your goal to speak the language fluently and confidently.

One of my highlights in teaching is : I’m not ONLY into much of the content but I teach them techniques in learning, I assess their improvement every time and I do give them advice every now and then to help them improve. Furthermore, I help them engage to natural conversation so they can practice and use the language in the most natural way. I am very much concern with pronunciation as well, since this is the most fundamental thing to understand one another when one is learning a language. I teach with a heart and I always give my best to cater my student’s needs.

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