Good day! My name is Ninha. I am an English as a Secondary Language Teacher and I have been teaching for 7 years now. I teach Korean and Vietnamese nationalities. The subjects I teach are Literature, Reading, Writing, Idioms and Grammar. At times, I also teach TOEFL for beginners.

I find teaching English really interesting because I do not just teach the subjects, I also get to experience talking to different types of people; toddlers, teenagers and adults. As we know, learning English is not just about studying the language itself but also this is the time when we can share different views in life which is one of the benefits of being a teacher. We get to know different cultures.

English is the national language that’s why it is very helpful and useful when it comes to landing a better job. It is essential to school and when you travel the world, it makes it easier for people to communicate. Speaking Easily is here to help those who want to improve their English. They make English fun with fully engaged teachers! Use us as a tool to keep the learning up anywhere; whether it’s at work or at the convenience of your home.

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