giao vien nuoc ngoai

Hi! My name is Nina. I took Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and currently taking another major which is Business Economics. I’ve always believed that people should never cease learning.

I’ve been teaching English for 6 years now. This great experience gives me the opportunity to understand different cultures and enjoy exchanging thoughts and ideas with my students from different parts of the world. I always consider my every class unique and make each class pack with information and lively conversation to make students comfortable.

Teaching English doesn’t just require mastery of the language, it also challenges me to bring out the best from my students. Learning a new language is rather challenging but having someone who can guide you along this journey will make things lighter and easier.  Luckily, Speaking Easily got the most passionate people to help you become proficient in speaking English. Let’s explore the world of English in an exciting way! See you!

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