Hello there! My name is Teacher Gabrielle. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in 2012. I spent most of my childhood days in our hometown in the Visayas. I have two siblings, a brother and a sister. While growing up, I faced challenges which moulded me to become the person I am now. These experiences had made me realize that the only constant thing in the world is change. Everything is temporary. We have to be the better version of ourselves than yesterday. Life is meant to be lived with kindness, humility, and happiness.

Teaching Experience (3 years)
Way back in the Philippines, I have been teaching Chinese students with age ranging from 4 to 40 years old. I am also teaching Thai students from Kindergarten 2 to Primary 6. My whole teaching experience enables me to become flexible when it comes to establishing rapport to students as well as applying effective teaching techniques to different kinds of students.

I love exploring the whole wide world. I believe that being able to travel, to experience different cultures, to meet a lot of people, and to taste different kinds of food make our whole lives worth living. I have been to Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Thailand, and my bucket list still has a lot of places to travel to.

Photo and video editing are also in my hobbies list. Capturing the whole experience from the places I have been overwhelms as to how wonderful the world is. We may be in this world for a period of time and creating memories spells out our whole journey.

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