Hi guys!  My name is Annette and I’m a professional licensed Educator and an experienced ESL Teacher here in Manila, Philippines. I believe that I’m passionate to any field I belong, patient, flexible, time and result oriented. I enjoy talking to different nationalities for this gives me the opportunity to learn and understand their cultures. I am highly motivated for the role and all the working duties sound very interesting and challenging for me. Also, I’m an optimistic person, who loves to hope for the future, cherishes every single moments and treasures GOD, family, love, friends and the memories each day thus empower me to make my day a very special day.

Teaching experience

I have been teaching English for more than five years, handling man to man, online and group classes. I used to work in the Academies as a faculty teacher, where I was trained to deal with different levels of the students, and gained knowledge from completing seminars on American Accent and Language Trainings set by the institutions. Considering the knowledge and skills I gained from my academics, trainings and all the way to my experiences, I’m confident to say that I am a best help for those students who opt to be good at speaking English and prefer their study to be fun and engaging.


Travelling for me is as exhilarating as always. Gazing at the beauty of the natures reminds me about my existence in this world. Appreciating our Creator’s masterpiece is my response in expressing  my inward gratitude to HIM. Cooking is one of my delights for I am fond of stuffing myself. Lastly, I like singing and dancing for these bring me up all day long.

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