Xin Chao! It’s my pleasure to introduce myself; I’m Ruby and happily married with a wonderful daughter. I have a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and graduated ‘cum laude’.I also have TESOL certificate issued in Beijing. I grew up in Manila wherein I faced challenges in early stage of my life, these challenges help me to realize that hard work overcomes hardships and you will not regret any hard work that you have made since it always pays off. My strengths and life experiences are my attitude- that makes me face challenges, I definitely believe that those challenges will hone you as a person and will eventually make you a better and stronger person in every way!

I have been teaching English as a second language to a variety of students since 2005. I lived and worked in Beijing, China for more than 13 years, aside from Chinese students I have taught mixed nationalities like Japanese, Germans, Latin Americans and other Europeans both in classroom set up and 1-to-1. I taught in the German Embassy School (Beijing) for more than 10 years. With this experience, I have been exposed to different methods, approach and learning styles that would fit into different types of students’ personalities. Being flexible helps me understand and decide a certain way of teaching that would benefit each different type of learner.

I love traveling and reading the most! Both can make you understand people, culture, events and places. I consider myself as a traveler since when I go to new places I always look into reasons why people act this way and that way and of course, I appreciate all the hidden beauties of those places! So far I visited Japan, Singapore, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Thailand, in and around China and of course Vietnam, I hope to travel more in the coming years! I love reading novels and documentaries, these fascinate me on some writing styles of the novelists and writers and also aid me in building up my writing skills

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